Only the Best: 

Our amplifiers and cabinets are built using the highest quality material and electronics. In addition to the hand wired circuitry, our high end components ensure quality of tone as well as longevity of each amplifier. Everything is 100% hand made in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We are the ONLY company that allows you to customize your ENTIRE rig: 

Each RDK Amplifier can be tweaked and modded to taste! There are limitless options when it comes to tone. By swapping out even the simplest component can yeild huge results. Learn More

Give away!

OK guys, it's giveaway time! We built a lot of these 1x12 cabinets and we want YOU to have one. Who is YOU? Well, it could be anyone. Could be you! You know the drill. Follow us on instagram. Re-post the giveaway photo and tag RDKSOUNDDESIGN and THREE of your friends with the hashtag #RDKNICEITEM

One post per day. For the best chance to win, post daily with different friend tags! Winner will be announced Friday April 1st

Winner is responsible for shipping cost

Price and Availability Coming Soon! 

After spending an entire year designing and fine tuning the NP30R, it has finally arrived, and with a huge impact. Working along side our friend and professional guitarist, Nick Perri, we carefully voiced the amplifier to be a one stop amp for the everyday musician. Plenty of headroom and plenty of gain, depending on your style, crammed inside with an EL84 driven 30 watt output and beautiful reverb.

JXK30 Head:

The JXK30 is a monster packed full of gain and rocking lead tone! A great amp for punk, rock, metal, and enough headroom to achieve cleaner tones. This amp is extremely versatile. The control panel layout consists of gain, bass, mid, treble, and a post phase inverter master volume.

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